In this Portable Air Conditioner Buying Guide, we first provide overview picks and full top portable air conditioner reviews. You’ll notice ten models in different niches, which means you are able to easily choose one with the right size and/or features as Heat or WiFi that you like.


Probably The best of probably the best: The guarantee of ours to you is actually we’ve truly chosen models with the best ratings in the class of theirs, and we believe that’s special to our list compared with others. We’ve no idea why other sites compile lists with poorly rated units.


The Buying Guide that follows is actually created for you to research the options of yours, compare portable air conditioners to window air conditioners and to central cooling options like a central AC, heat pump or perhaps mini split / ductless heat pump. Links throughout are actually available for exploring those various other options, which means you are able to make an air conditioning decision you are going to be pleased with in the years ahead.


Probably The Best Portable Air Conditioners: Quick Takes

Allow me to share the twelve best portable air conditioners with bullet point strengths.


The list allows you to quickly look for a unit that’s right for the purposes of yours, check the price and purchase it if you’d love to, and get on with the day of yours. Choose the links for more research on their product page as well and to see what verified buyers have to say about each model.


Note on square foot coverage: We give square foot coverage estimates by on US DOE ratings, described later. This give a far more accurate idea of how many square feet the unit is able to serve. Most descriptions over estimate coverage area.


These reviews offer much more detail and a fuller explanation of every one of probably the best portable air conditioners and evaporative air coolers.


Quick distinction: Ablaux portable AC is actually a genuine air conditioner. It uses refrigerant to collect heat indoors and dump it outside, cooling the inside air by removing heat from it.


An evaporative air cooler doesn’t remove heat from the space. Rather, it cools folks in the room through evaporation — just as moisture evaporating off your skin makes it feel cooler. The concept is fully explained below in the Portable AC Buying Guide.


Our Rating System: Here’s what we looked at in choosing our list of the Top twelve Portable Air Conditioners & Coolers. We rate each category from 1 5 Stars, although the products in that list are all four to five stars since they’re products that are good.


Quality: We looked for hardworking, durable models built with quality parts. The units chosen have a track record of reliability.


Performance: Fast cooling, removal of a high volume of moisture, various modes in addition to AC like Dehumidify Mode, Fan only Mode and/or Heat Mode. When Dehumidify Mode, aka Dry Mode, is actually used, moisture is actually taken out of the atmosphere. Heat is actually removed too, but rather than it being exhausted from the room, which would cool the room, it’s returned to the space. Air temperature doesn’t drop. Dry Mode is actually perfect for cool days with high humidity that makes the air chilly, damp, clammy. You wouldn’t want colder air, but getting rid of the damp makes the room a lot more comfortable.


Features: The majority of the portable air conditioners on the list are actually evaporative units. This means the moisture removed from the air is actually evaporated out the exhaust hose. Once again, this’s regarding the ACs. The Evaporative Coolers use the term too, but in a different fashion, that is described below. Additionally, most ACs on the list have 24 hour timers, remotes with all of the unit functions, multiple speed fans


User Reviews: We look at reviews and ratings from a number of platforms including Amazon. It’s useful to see what actual users of the products are actually saying regarding them. Fakespot is often used to analyze whether the reviews appear to be legitimate or perhaps are actually faked. We don’t consider reviews on the manufacturer websites.


Best Pro: This’s the user review that best summarizes those with a good experience.

Best Con: This’s the user review that best summarizes those with a good experience.

Overall Rating: The ratings from the categories above are actually averaged for an overall score.

Best Use: This’s exactly where the best match for each AC/cooler is actually defined.


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